Wonders, as the popular saying goes, never end Especially evil wonders. This is moreso in the case of the selfish, criminal-minded and ungrateful mother, Delphina Ujah and her equally-devilish and ungrateful daughter Favour Ujah (also now criminally calling herself “Favour Onah”).

Our readers are familiar with the stories and expose we have already unveiled on this page which show how both women and other members of their Ujah family have rewarded with enormous evil and ingratitude an innocent man who gave them the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of taking them to the United States without their paying the man a dime for his incredible and uncommon act of kindness. We need not reveal those past instances of those horrific acts of ingratitude here; some of them can be read all over this page in our past Facebook postings that are now collected here.

But just when one thought the women could not get more evil, demonic, uselessly arrogant and ungrateful, they have surpassed themselves even more. According to our sources in the US, about a few weeks ago, the evil Favour Ujah walked into a Police Station in the city where the Benefactor resides in the state of Minnesota in the US and alleged that the Benefactor committed “criminal sexual misconduct” against her when she and her mother lived with the Benefactor between October 3 and October 10 and October 23 and October 27 2019 (a  total of 13 days; also please read the Story titled  “Delphina and Favour Ujah’s ONE MILLION LIES For US Green Cards (Part Three of Documents Now Posted)” which is posted on this page)). 

We have further learnt that subsequent to that evil allegation, the Police in the city where the Benefactor lives invited him for an Interview and this took place on Monday, August 10th.  Our sources further reveal that during that interview the Benefactor refuted the satanic “criminal sexual conduct” allegation by Favour Ujah, while making it clear that he had known the two women for more than three years (since February 2016) before he finally made the gigantic mistakes of bringing the duo to the US in September 2019 and that none of the two women ever accused him while he knew them in Nigeria of committing “criminal sexual conduct” against them.  

The Benefactor also made it clear, according to our investigations, that he maintained concurrent and consensual sexual relationships with both Favour Ujah and Delphina Ujah since he first physically met them in February 2006 as adult women and that those consensual sexual relationships continued until October 7 2019, which was a few days before both women left the Benefactor’s residence in Minnesota for Atlanta, Georgia, without informing the Benefactor.

Our sources further say the Benefactor produced documents to the Police in the US to prove his consensual sexual relationship with Favour Ujah which started in February 2016 when she was 20 years old Specifically, according to our sources, the Benefactor produced WhatsApp chats he exchanged with Favour Ujah from August 2019 while she lived in Nigeria till October 2019, after she got to the US on September 2019 (see documents produced below this piece).

As the readers of this page also know the two women spent only 18 days with the Benefactor (6 days in the Washington, DC / Maryland, northern Virginia areas and 12 days total in Minnesota) since they got to the US on September 27, 2019. This means that for the more than 3 years the Benefactor maintained a physical and a video phone sex (when he was in the US and she was in Nigeria) relationship with Favour Ujah, she never alleged any “criminal sexual misconduct” against him (and as her mother, Delphina Ujah, also never did).

Then after spending ONLY 18 days with the Benefactor in the US  between September 27th 2019 and October 27th of the same year and more than 9 months after she last saw or met the Benefactor, the apparently-lying, ungrateful and very immoral Favour Ujah / “Onah” had the guts to walk to the Police in the US and make allegations of “criminal sexual misconduct” against the Benefactor.

Our further investigations have revealed two possible motives behind the decision by the evil Favour Ujah / “Onah” to commit the cardinal sin of rewarding the good deeds of a Benefactor with the ingratitude of lies-from-hell designed to destroy the same Benefactor in a country where he has laboured for more than two decades and kept an impeccable professional and personal character.  

The first possible motive is revenge. This means Favour Ujah is simply doing the bidding of her lying-under-oath-in-a-US Courtroom-mother Delphina Ujah, who like her daughter was a former lover of the Benefactor. Readers of this page will recall that this past January 2020, Delphina Ujah sat down in a Courtroom located in the same Minnesota and lied under oath (which is a serious criminal offense in the US) against the Benefactorplease read our Story titled “Delphina and Favour Ujah’s ONE MILLION LIES For US Green Cards (Part Three of Documents Now Posted)” which is located on this page. Among the lies Delphina Ujah told in court while under oath that day was that the Benefactor did not take care of the needs of herself and her daughter Favour Ujah while they lived with the Benefactor in the US for ONLY 18 DAYS between September 27th and October 27th 2019 and that the Benefactor kept both women as “sex slaves”, all of which were FALSE.  Our sources tell us Delphina Ujah and her daughters (including her daughter Favour Ujah who the Benefactor brought to the US at the same time he brought the mother) remain very embarrassed that the Benefactor exposed them as the LIARS they are and this latest allegation by Favour Ujah / “Onah” is the women’s act of getting revenge on the Benefactor.

Readers of our past reports and postings on these two evil women will also recall our revelation that Delphina Ujah attacked and assaulted the Benefactor on October 27th 2019 while the Benefactor was making a 911 call to the Police from his Minnesota residence, and that the attack by Delphina Ujah on the Benefactor was caught on a recorded tape made of the 911 call (See previous Story on this page titled “Delphina and Favour Ujah’s ONE MILLION LIES For US Green Cards (Part Three of Documents Now Posted).

Apparently, according to our sources in the US, the two evil women have been emboldened by the fact that Delphina Ujah did not suffer any consequences from lying under oath in a US Court proceeding and also attacking the Benefactor in an assault that was caught on a 911 tape; so the two women acting through Favour Ujah / “Onah” have now decided to go further with their criminal tendencies and make false charges of “criminal sexual conduct” to the Police in the US against the same Benefactor that Delphina Ujah told lies about under oath in a US Court only a few months beforeand whom she also earlier physically assaulted in an attack caught on a 911 / Police tape.

Our investigations have also revealed that Delphina Ujah’s first daughter Geraldine Ujah-Agbai threatened in the recent past to ruin the Benefactor’s career in the US in an angry email message she sent to him (the Benefactor) in February this year when he was in Nigeria (that email message is re-produced immediately under this Story). Geraldine-Ujah-Agbai was believed to be angry then with a story we posted on Facebook in January this year that asserted she was not only as greedy as her mother and sister, she was also fond of telling her mother (who would then tell the Benefactor) that her husband was not “pulling his weight financially” and that she planned to train as a nurse in Nigeria and leave him before she also eventually makes her way to the US in the near future as she plans. Geraldine was also fond of asking for money from the Benefactor through her mother and sister even as recently as June last year (2019) just three week before the Benefactor took those two to the US in September 2019.  Geraldine Ujah-Agbai who holds a bachelors degree in the sciences left her husband and children in Lagos late last year immediately after her mother and sister came to the US and enrolled at the School of Nursing located in Gwagwalada Abuja.

Our sources further reveal that another motive for Favour Ujah / “Onah” making a false claim of “criminal sexual conduct” against the Benefactor to the Police in the US could reflect the desperation of the women and members of their family in Nigeria (and also Favour Ujah’s LOSER / FAILURE “husband” in Nigeria Iyabeni Onah) and also their backers in the US to ensure the women get the Immigration papers they need to continue to stay legally in the US. Our investigations of US Immigration law reveals that there is a visa called the U VISA that people can get in the US if they allege that someone committed a criminal act against them and the Police is investigating the alleged crime.  Our sources further reveal that like the proven liars they are the Ujahs are now trying to ensnare the Police in the US in a further web of wicked and nasty lies, so that the Police “investigating” the very false claims of “criminal sexual misconduct” being made by Favour Ujah / “Onah” against the Benefactor can then issue her and her mother Delphina Ujah the Police Certification they need under the U Visa requirements to lie their way to a US Green Card by deceiving both the Police and Immigration authorities in the US (See document reproduced immediately below this Story on the U Visa requirements in the US).

According to our sources, it is this requirement in the US Visa (that the Police issue a Certification to an accuser over an obviously-FALSE ACCUSATION made by that ‘accuser” in the first place) that the evil Delphina Ujah and Favour Ujah / “Onah” are now seeking to exploit to pull the wool over the eyes of the Police and Immigration authorities in the US.  We also learnt that it was this fear that the evil Ujah women (the lying Delphina and Favour) would ultimately tell lies against him that made the Benefactor request last October (2019) that both women had to write and send undertakings to him that they would not accuse him of any crimes before he allowed them to return to him in Minnesota after they had earlier left for Atlanta without telling him(See the Story titled  “Delphina and Favour Ujah’s ONE MILLION LIES For US Green Cards (Part Three of Documents Now Posted)” and WhatsApp text messages between the Benefactor and both women posted immediately below this piece)). 

Our investigations have also revealed that certain NGOs in the US that Delphina Ujah and Favour Ujah / “Onah” have been using to obtain housing and other support for themselves in the US State of Minnesota have been supporting and even instigating the women’s criminal and illegal actions in the USThis will include the women’s latest act of lying so they can get a Police Certification that will assist them in applications for FRAUDULENT U VISAS in the United States.  Furthermore, according to our sources, the Benefactor is determined to ensure the two evil and desperate women and their “supporters” in Nigeria and the US do not succeed in hoodwinking Police in the US and the US Immigration system in their quest to obtain Green Cards through pure deception, especially deception that involves making clearly false allegations against an innocent man who has done nothing but good to both women and other members of their families in Nigeria since he met them.

Our sources in the US have also revealed other troubling dimensions to this sad saga which must be made known at this point, however briefly. According to our sources in the US, specifically in the US state of Minnesota, certain individuals local to that state are intent on using the two evil women, Delphina Ujah and Favour Ujah / “Onah” and NGOs they control or over which they exercise great influence to destroy the Benefactor for their own selfish and agenda-driven reasons.  

The Benefactor was born and raised in Nigeria but has lived in the US state of Minnesota for more than two decades. He went to Law School there and qualified as a lawyer in the stateOur sources tell us that as it is natural in such situations, the Benefactor has made certain enemies over the years he has lived in the US; some of those enemies have “silently” hounded the Benefactor for many, many, years there in the US before he made the mistake of sponsoring and bringing Delphina Ujah and Favour Ujah / “Onah” to join him in the USThose determined, long-standing enemies of the Benefactor located in the state of Minnesota in the US, many now hiding under the guise of heading NGOs that “help Immigrants” or which “help the homeless”—or who have outsize influences over senior staff of such NGOs—have now adopted the cause of the evil women Delphina Ujah and Favour Ujah / “Onah” and appear determined to use the women to destroy the Benefactor.

As our numerous investigations and stories have revealed, the two women first travelled out of Nigeria in September 2019 when the Benefactor brought them to the US. Then, less than three months later in late December 2019  Delphina Ujah was IN A MINNESOTA, US COURT “on her own” filing an application for a Harassment Restraining Order against the Benefactor (despite the Benefactor not seeing or speaking with the two women since October 27, 2019)The Minnesota-based NGOs that apparently supported Delphina Ujah to achieve that “feat” while they “hid” in the background made sure none of their names (even the names of their NGOs) appeared on any of the papers that supported Delphina Ujah’s HRO application. Why would such people HIDE THEIR IDENTITIES if they really believed they were “helping” innocent women—and not using such women to achieve their own agenda of destroying the Benefactor, which has now become their main end?

According to our investigations, after the Benefactor defeated that HRO application which the legal luminary (!) Delphina Ujah brought to a US Court on her own (see our story titled “Delphina and Favour Ujah’s ONE MILLION LIES For US Green Cards (Part Three of Documents Now Posted)), these “faceless” NGOs seeking to use the gullible Delphina Ujah and Favour Ujah / “Onah” to destroy the Benefactor by whatever means necessary have now apparently resorted to instigating the two women to go to the Police in Minnesota in the US to lodge a serious but utterly false allegation of “criminal sexual conduct” against him (the Benefactor) 

Our sources further reveal that the Benefactor has now decided to stop “playing the gentleman” with these adversaries whose identities are very much known to him, since he has known about their evil intentions and antics towards him since at least 2003, when he started Law School in the US. The sources further tell us the Benefactor has made the decision to totally completely expose, in the very near future,  the agenda and evil intentions of the “hand of Esau but voice of Jacob” adversaries he has in his adopted state of Minnesota in the US  (where he has lived for more than 20 years), and who are now using Delphina Ujah and Favour Ujah / “Onah” to rubbish the good the Benefactor has done for both women and destroy his own life works and reputation in the process.  

Specifically, our sources further tell us that a so-called female “homeless advocate” in Minnesota whose initials are MB will be fully exposed very soon, along with her stooges in high and low places there in the state, since she still believes the Benefactor is not aware she has been stalking him everywhere there in the US, beginning from when the Benefactor first knew MB in 2001 as his employer (for the whole of three weeks!) in Minnesota, through when the Benefactor later attended Law School in Minnesota starting from 2003, and well after that.

Our investigations have also uncovered the notorious “101.3” DJ in Minnesota who has used his radio station to HARASS the Benefactor for close to two decades (and against whom the Benefactor filed a lawsuit in Minnesota Courts in early 2019). Shockingly too, our sources have revealed this very nasty DJ whose radio station has a lot of reach in the state of Minnesota and its environs uses his notorious Minnesota radio station to promote DEMONIC ENDS- AND MESSAGES–even when the same members of his audience shamelessly deny that such evil, demonic activities actually exist or take place (does anyone recall those denials and attendant mockery from the US during the recent well-publicized saga of Dr. Stella Immanuel a few weeks ago?!!)