Delphina and Favour Ujah’s ONE MILLION LIES For US Green Cards (Part Three of Documents Now Posted)

How does one spell “LIAR”, “EVIL” or “UNGRATEFUL”? Maybe in two sets of words: Delphina Ujah and Favour Ujah.

Let us do a quick re-cap of our investigative reports we have posted on Facebook since late January this year (2020), which are also now re-produced on this page. In our posting of February 13, 2020, we revealed after thorough investigations and with much evidence at our disposal (including phone records, photographs, etc.) how a so-called MOTHER, Delphina Ujah, combined forces with her youngest daughter, the-then 20 year-old Favour Ujah (now criminally calling herself “Favour Onah” since she reached the US) to SEDUCE FOR MONEY (in typical OLOSHO style, as it is widely-known in Nigeria) the kind-hearted and generous gentleman we call the Benefactor when he was in Abuja, Nigeria, in February 2016—and first met the two very shameless and scheming women(see our report on this page dated February 6th, 2020).

Our investigations from that and following years (especially 2016 and 2017) have uncovered many email messages that show the so-called MOTHER, Delphina Urrah / Ujah, sending naked pictures of herself from her phone to the phone of her daughter, Favour Ujah, who would then forward or email such pictures to the Benefactor.  Anyone who sees those naked pictures of Delphina Ujah would also be in no doubt that they were taken by her own daughter, Favour Ujah.  Both women did this for many years since 2016 when they first met the Benefactor, before the Benefactor took pity on and fell in love with the women (despite the fact he first knew them in Nigeria as hustling “Oloshos”), primarily after he learnt they also had diabetes like him. This then made the Benefactor eventually decide to bring both women to the US, even though he also SERIOUSLY WARNED THEM NOT TO FALSIFY ANY DOCUMENTS THEY WOULD GIVE TO HIM—AS THE WOMEN LATER DID—SO HE COULD PROCESS THEIR APPLICATIONS TO COME TO THE US (see our past postings on this page dated March 24, 2020; April 6, 2020; and April 21, 2020).

The women arrived the US on September 27, 2019, after leaving Abuja, Nigeria the previous day. They arrived to the welcome embrace of the Benefactor, who was very happy to receive them; this was at the Washington-Dulles Airport in Virginia (close to the US state of Maryland and Washington, DC, the seat of the US government; the Benefactor was in those areas temporarily at that time to conduct his business as an attorney in the US).  Between September 27, 2019 and October 3, 2019 when the women were with the Benefactor in that area of the country called the “East Coast”, he took the women around Washington, DC, showing them important monuments and other interesting places.  Our sources reveal the Benefactor also took the women on rides on the famed Washington, DC subway, especially its vast and beautiful underground stations. The Benefactor, along with the women, also frequented many grocery, clothing, phone / accessories and other stores in the Maryland / Virginia / Washington, DC area in the days between September 27th, 2019 when the women arrived in the US and October 3, 2019, when he (the Benefactor) returned with them to his base in the state of Minnesota.

Among the other places the Benefactor and both women went (with CCTV cameras capturing the fact that the Benefactor and women were in those places) while on the East Coast were the Winners International Foods Store located on Annapolis Road (within the state of Maryland but very close to Washington, DC), where the Benefactor bought Nigerian foodstuffs worth hundreds of dollars; the Giant Grocery store located along Greenbelt Road in Lanham, Maryland, which the Benefactor visited with the women many times and where they also bought hundreds of dollars’ worth of food (all paid for by the Benefactor, with receipts to prove the expenditure, according to our continuing investigations) along with visits to clothing and shoe stores, with hundreds of dollars in expenditure on the two women (also with receipts, and all paid for by the Benefactor).

While the women were on the East Coast with the Benefactor (between September 27th, 2019 and October 3rd, 2019), they stayed with the Benefactor in a luxury two-bedroom Suite (equipped with a full kitchen, and with receipts to prove the Stay, according to our investigations) at the Staybridge Suites Hotel located at 10500 Eastgate Drive, Lanham, Maryland.

At many times during their 6-day stay on the East Coast (September 27, 2019 to October 3, 2019) the Benefactor frequently went out with the women, especially Favour Ujah, and she observed the Benefactor many times as he conducted his business with Clients he has on the US East Coast.

Then, on Thursday, October 3, 2019, after completing his official business on the East Coast, the Benefactor flew with the women (on different flights) from the Ronald Reagan Airport in Washington, DC to the Benefactor’s base in Minnesota (see the women’s  tickets for that trip that is re-produced below this piece). The women’s flights for that trip were routed through Chicago by the Benefactor, so they could also at least experience visiting or passing through the famous City of Chicago, a place the Benefactor often visits many times during the year on business.  

Then, between October 3, 2019 when the two women got to Minnesota with the Benefactor (and lived with him in his residence) and October 10, 2019, when the women SUDDENLY TOOK OFF FOR ATLANTA, GEORGIA without informing the benefactor of their whereabouts, they also visited numerous stores for foodstuffs (especially those that sold Nigerian food the women were more comfortable with), clothes, shoes, etc.

Before, during and after those shopping trips and outings, etc., none of the two women (Delphina Ujah and Favour Ujah) told the Benefactor he was “not taking care” of their “basic needs”; in fact, from the documents posted below, our investigations reveal the Benefactor was taking care of FAR MORE THAN THE TWO WOMEN’S “BASIC NEEDS” (staying in a luxury hotel suite for about 7 days; flying across the US, which most Americans cannot afford to do; buying expensive Nigerian foodstuffs in America, buying clothes, shoes, etc.)!! (See FALSE Testimony Under Oath By Delphina Ujah, which she gave in a US Courtroom on January 17, 2020, and which is re-produced immediately below this piece).

More importantly, while the women were going out on the above-referenced outings with the Benefactor, they passed by or saw Police officers and other people and never for once alerted anyone that someone (particularly the Benefactor) was keeping them inside a place against their will; kept them “hidden at home” with “no outside contact” or kept them as “sex slaves”! (Once again, see FALSE Testimony Under Oath By Delphina Ujah, which she gave in a US Courtroom on January 17, 2020, and which is re-produced immediately below this piece).

From our investigations, one worrisome trend the Benefactor noted about the women from the time they landed in the US on September 27, 2019, till October 10, 2019 (when the women abruptly left his residence in Minnesota for Atlanta, Georgia without informing him—leaving the Benefactor to wonder how they got the money for that escapade) was that they were always on their phones (via WhatsApp, through Internet connection the Benefactor provided). Our investigations further reveal this particular fact made the Benefactor quite uncomfortable about the women, especially when he discovered on October 7 / 8 that many of the persons the women (Delphina and Favour Ujah) were calling and texting were people based in the US.  These were also women who told the Benefactor when they were still in Nigeria that they knew no one else in the US apart from him.

Also, around that time (October 7th or 8th, 2019), according to our sources, Favour Ujah suddenly told the benefactor that she was pregnant by her boyfriend in Nigeria, FAILURE LAZY YOUTH / LOSER Iyabeni Onah (who our sources say was known to be regularly taking from Favour Ujah money the Benefactor sent to Favour for her diabetes drugs and other needs while she was still in Nigeria; see evidence of such monies the Benefactor sent to Favour Ujah while she was still in Nigeria under “Part Two of Documents”, on this page). It was also this same character, according to our sources, that actively encouraged and forced Favour Ujah, while she was in Nigeria, to falsify her date of birth and later obtain a fraudulent Nigerian birth certificate so she could qualify for the K 1 Visa that was used to bring her to the US (see our reports on this page dated February 18th, 2020; March 6th, 2020; March 13th, 2020; March 20th, 2020; March 30th, 2020; April 6th, 2020; and April 21st, 2020 to learn more of the role played in this saga by the desperate-to-get-to-the-US, unsavoury character, Iyabeni Onah, including his major role in the attempt to later blackmail the Benefactor with the fact of Favour Ujah’s fraudulent Nigerian birth certificate, after the two women reached the US).

Our sources further revealed that the Benefactor reacted to the news about Favour Ujah’s pregnancy (outside wedlock) by telling her (Favour Ujah) that she was selfish and inconsiderate for planning to come to a new country with a pregnancy, instead of considering how such selfish behavior would impact the finances of the person (the Benefactor) who had to get medical insurance for the women (which can be expensive in the US for new Immigrations who still had to wait months after their arrival in the US to get the necessary papers), especially since the two women (Delphina Ujah and Favour Ujah) are also diabetics who use Insulin.  Still, according to our sources, the Benefactor went ahead to buy an expensive Pregnancy Test Kit from a Walgreens Pharmacy store close to his residence in Minnesota on October 8th (with receipt), after Favour Ujah requested such, saying she wanted “to be sure” she was really pregnant.

According to our sources, Favour Ujah later lost that pregnancy to a miscarriage sometime in mid-January 2020—months after she and her mother, Delphina Ujah, had last seen the Benefactor or last lived at his residence, on October 27th, 2019. 

About two days after Favour Ujah’s pregnancy revelation, the two women disappeared (for the first time) from the Benefactor’s residence in Minnesota. Our sources say the poor man (the Benefactor) was understandably left worried after the women left his Minnesota residence without any notice to him on October 10, 2019He also didn’t know the women’s whereabouts until about October 13th 2019, when Delphina Ujah finally called and lied to the Benefactor that she and her daughter were still in Minnesota with him, but in a “shelter”. It was two days later, on October 15th, or thereabouts, that Delphina Ujah told the benefactor that she and her daughter, Favour Ujah, had been in a hotel in Minnesota since October 10, 2019, when they left his residence there, to October 13th, when they then took a bus to Atlanta, Georgia.  Delphina Ujah did not tell the Benefactor how she and her daughter managed to get money to stay in a hotel in Minnesota for about 3 days before also paying their bus fares to Atlanta, Georgia, about 1,000 miles from Minnesota.

Then, after speaking back and forth with the Benefactor from Atlanta, Georgia between October 15th and October 18th, 2019, Delphina Ujah begged the Benefactor to allow her and her daughter return to him in Minnesota.  Our sources revealed Delphina Ujah even specifically begged the Benefactor to buy flight tickets to enable them return to Minnesota from Atlanta, Georgia, instead of returning by bus. The Benefactor obliged this request by buying and emailing the flight tickets to both women on October 19th, 2020 (see documents re-produced below) with a travel date for both women of October 23rd, from Atlanta, Georgia to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Our investigations further revealed both women never told the Benefactor, even after he repeatedly asked them, who they (the women) stayed with in Atlanta; who paid for their 3-day hotel stay in Minnesota after they left the Benefactor’s residence there and before they took the bus to Atlanta; and who paid for their bus fares to Atlanta, Georgia.

Even more pertinent, while these two women were in Atlanta, Georgia between October 13th, 2019 (and lived with others the Benefactor did not know) and October 23rd, 2019 when they flew back to Minnesota to be with the Benefactor, they apparently did not call the Police to inform them that the Benefactor had engaged in “human trafficking” against them or used them as “sex slaves” (as Delphina Ujah later falsely alleged in her Court testimony of January 17th, 2020), while they had been with him from September 27th, 2019 (when they first arrived the US) till October 10th, 2019, when they (the two women) left the Benefactor’s residence without telling him, and later wound up in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to our investigations, the women returned from Atlanta, Georgia to Minnesota by air on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019. The Benefactor received the two women at the airport in Minnesota but also immediately told them they had to let him know who they had been with in Atlanta or else they could no longer stay with him and would have to return to Nigeria. That was also when the Benefactor told the women he suspected they had been hijacked by characters engaged in the 419 Business in Nigeria, based on information Delphina Ujah once gave the Benefactor when she was in Nigeria, at a time she did not know the information would be referenced later by the Benefactor (that one of Delphina Ujah’s relatives is engaged in the 419 business in Nigeria—see our report on this page that we published on February 7th, 2020). The Benefactor also told the women he had read a lot, especially online, about the methods of operation of the 419 Kingpins in Nigeria and knew they always needed people they trusted in the US to open bank accounts for them in the States.  Our sources revealed that during this discussion, the two women tried too hard to appear they had “no idea” what the Benefactor was talking about when he (the Benefactor) mentioned this particular fact. 

So, the question at this point: why did the two women return to Minnesota from Atlanta, Georgia on October 23rd, after they had left the Benefactor’s home without telling him on October 10th, then telling him they were in Atlanta to “visit friends”? Our sources say the Benefactor himself does not understand why the women would return to Minnesota, his long-term base in the US, to later basically embarrass and try to damage him by lying against him in Court testimony there, especially since they also know he is an attorney licensed in that state. However, our investigations also reveal the women’s return from Atlanta, Georgia, to Minnesota  was a strategic move by the 419 handlers of the women, who are mostly based in Atlanta, Georgia, so that the benefactor would not continue to suspect they (the women) remained under the influence of those 419 Kingpins outside the state of Minnesota.

Another credible reason for the women’s “strange” return to Minnesota, according to our investigations, appears to be that they (the women, Delphina Ujah and Favour Ujah) were instructed by their 419 handlers / Kingpins in Atlanta, Georgia to return to Minnesota so they could better succeed in executing the plot to “lose” or ditch the Benefactor at all costs; the state of Minnesota is known to be very friendly to immigrants in the US, particularly those who are trying to obtain Legal Stay—especially women who claim (falsely in many cases) that they are being or have been “abused” by the US Citizen-Sponsors who brought them to the US. The state of Minnesota (and a few others) also has a reputation throughout the United States for being home to very generous pro-Immigrant groups and NGOs who shower their Legal Stay-seeking immigrant clients with free legal services, housing, feeding, etc., while their cases or applications to obtain legal status is pending with US Immigration authorities.

Our investigations reveal the women (Delphina Ujah and Favour Ujah) and their 419 handlers / Kingpins based in Atlanta, Georgia, cynically asked them to return to Minnesota to take advantage of these services and advantages Minnesota has to offer, and also to deflect suspicion that the ultimate purpose of the women in the US is to return to the fold of the 419 gangsters / Kingpins the women would be working for wherever those might need them in the US, once they (the women) put their immigration papers in order through the assistance of the gullible US-based NGOs they are currently using to achieve that purpose.

Also, our sources inform us that after the women returned to Minnesota from Atlanta, Georgia, on October 23rd, 2019, the already-suspicious Benefactor gave the women a deadline of Monday, October 28, 2019 to tell him everything about their 13-day trip to Atlanta, which he knew nothing about, even though he was the only person that sponsored the visas which brought the women to the US, and they were supposed to be with him as the person who sponsored their Visas to the US, especially since they just arrived in the US.  The Benefactor had also added that if the women did not give him the information by that deadline, he would buy tickets to ensure the women returned to Nigeria.

Despite this tension between the parties, our sources revealed, the Benefactor still went ahead to treat the women (Delphina Ujah and Favour Ujah) to another shopping spree when they returned on October 23rd, 2019 to his base in Minnesota, from their suspicious trip to Atlanta to see “friends”; on that same day that the Benefactor received the women at the airport in Minnesota, he took them to at least two stores to buy Nigerian foodstuffs (our investigations revealed one of the stores was the well-known Dragon Star supermarket in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where the women shopped to their heart’s content, as they also did with the Benefactor between October 3rd and October 10th, before they disappeared to Atlanta, Georgia). The women later cooked a feast when they returned to the Benefactor’s residence later that day, while keeping the evil plans they still had close to their chests.

Our sources also revealed the Benefactor bought the women clothes and shoes on that same day (October 23rd), at different stores. Then, on Thursday, October 24th and Friday, October 25th, despite his tight work schedule as a self-employed attorney in the US, the Benefactor took these two scheming women (Delphina Ujah and Favour Ujah) out for more shopping sprees, for which there are receipts, at the request of the women.  Specifically, on Friday, October 25th, after leaving his own residence and driving the women to the residence of his ex-wife (to get his younger children, two boys) in another city in Minnesota about 40 minutes away, the Benefactor drove everyone to a phone store (T-Mobile, in the City where the residence of his ex-wife is located), where he bought phone accessories for his sons and new phones for the two women (Delphina Ujah and Favour Ujah, even though only Delphina Ujah’s phone was activated at the time, because Favour Ujah’s mannerisms during that outing appeared very  suspicious to the Benefactor).

The Benefactor’s instincts or suspicions about Favour Ujah soon proved right: only two days later, on October 27th, 2019 (which was also the Benefactor’s birthday), he woke up and was told by Delphina Ujah that her adult daughter, Favour Ujah, had left the Benefactor’s house (apparently during the night) and that she did not know her daughter’s whereabouts—which was a lie. Our sources say the Benefactor believed Favour Ujah’s second disappearance from his residence in Minnesota (the first was when both women went to Atlanta on October 10, without informing the Benefactor, only 13 days after they got to the US, on September 27th, 2019) was linked to the ultimatum (set for the next day, on October 28th, 2019) he gave the women to tell him the persons they met and lived with when they were in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to our sources, Favour Ujah’s second disappearance from his residence convinced the Benefactor the women were hell-bent on carrying out the agenda and instructions of the Advance Fee Fraud (419) forces in Nigeria (and the US) who must have hijacked the women after they (the Fraudsters) became certain the women would be going to the US through the Benefactor. Such criminal forces like the fraudsters in Nigeria who hijacked the women prior to their trip to the US through the Benefactor could not have been comfortable the women were being sponsored to come to the US by someone (the Benefactor) who practiced as an attorney in the same US, and who would surely have disrupted their plans to use the women for criminal purposes for a long time in the US (see document on people who open accounts for 419 gangs in the US, re-produced below).

Our investigations revealed that it was Delphina Ujah’s lie that she did not know the whereabouts of her adult daughter, Favour Ujah, after the latter (again) left the Benefactor’s residence on October 27th, 2019, that made the Benefactor immediately call the Police to his residence in the US, since he did not know what could happen to the girl (Favour Ujah) after she left his residence, and which could later be blamed on him, especially after the same girl’s mother (Delphina Ujah) had told him repeatedly after he asked her that she (Delphina) did not know the whereabouts of her adult daughter, which was a lie.  

Also noteworthy is this particular fact: if he was truly keeping the women in his residence as “sex slaves” and as a “human trafficker”, as Delphina Ujah falsely alleged in her Court testimony re-produced  below, how come the Benefactor was also the first and only person that called the Police to the residence where he lived with the two women (and not any of the two LYING women themselves), even when they (the women) had telephone sets that could make such a call?

Let’s fast forward to January 17, 2020.  In the false testimony Delphina Ujah gave in a US Courtroom on that day to support her ill-advised application for a Restraining Order against the Benefactor (an application that failed; see documents reproduced in “Part Two of Documents Now Posted”, on this page), we can reveal, through documents relating to her testimony which we have obtained, that Delphina Ujah lied about her interaction with the Benefactor after he learnt from Delphina that her adult daughter, Favour Ujah, was missing from his residence on October 27th, 2020. Unknown to her, while she was lying in that court testimony she gave on January 17th, 2020 (which is re-produced below), there was a recording / tape of the 911 Call made by the Benefactor to the Police in the US back on October 27th, 2019 (the day Favour Ujah disappeared from his residence and Delphina Ujah lied to the Benefactor severally that she did not know where her daughter was).

The transcript of that tape (also re-produced below in almost all its disturbing details) shows that contrary to the lies she later told in her Court testimony on January 17th 2020 (even though she was under oath and subject to criminal penalties for lying under oath), Delphina Ujah was actually the one that assaulted and battered the Benefactor as he was making a 911 call to the Police in the US, with her criminal activities in that regard all caught on the Police tape / recording!

We also took the decision to redact some of the Court testimony of Delphina Ujah in the partial transcript that we have re-produced below, so we can avoid assisting her to spread more lies meant to conceal the fact that she and her daughter (Favour Ujah) actually intend to work on behalf of Nigerian 419 Kingpins in the US (i.e. opening bank accounts for those once they are granted papers to stay legally in the US—and for which they have filed FRAUDULENT APPLICATIONS with US Immigration authorities).

Our investigations reveal that is the only reason the women have done everything since they arrived in the US to “lose” or “shake off” the Benefactor by any means, since they and those 419 kingpins in Nigeria who have hijacked them and promised them millions of dollars in 419 proceeds in the US, realize the Benefactor— who is also an attorney in the US—would reveal such activities if they became known to him and he was still close to the women. In addition to the related posting about the US-based operatives of 419 Kingpins opening bank accounts in the US that is re-produced below, also visit these websites (copy and paste into your URLs):




We can equally reveal this is the primary reason why Delphina Ujah had the evil guts to lie in a US Court (see partial transcript of her Court testimony re-produced below) that the Benefactor treated her and her adult daughter as “sex slaves” for the ONLY 18 days they stayed with him (September 27th, 2019 to October 10th, 2019; October 23rd, 2019 to October 27th, 2019), since they arrived in the US under the Benefactor’s sponsorship on September 27th, 2019 . Our investigations have since revealed (see our postings on this page dated February 6th, 2020) that the Benefactor had known the women since at least February 2016, when both women were in Nigeria. Between that time and September 27th, 2019, when the Benefactor brought the two women to the US (primarily out of love and concern occasioned by their medical conditions as diabetics, a condition the Benefactor also has), none of the two women ever complained the Benefactor treated them as “sex slaves” or that the Benefactor was a “human trafficker”, or never met their “basic needs”—as the evil Delphina Ujah severally falsely alleged in her January 17, 2020 Court testimony we have re-produced below.

On a more disturbing note, our investigations have revealed that this practice of shady women seeking to immediately “lose” or ditch the men that exerted themselves and spent a lot of money to bring them to the US once they arrive there (so that such evil women can pursue other agendas, for example being agents in the US for foreign criminals, as in this case, or being with other men or persons they really love but who didn’t or couldn’t lift a finger to bring them to the US, etc.) is pretty quite common. Kindly visit the following websites for the many tales of woe by men who have been victims of such evil women. Such women usually believe they will get whatever they ask from US  Immigration authorities once they (falsely) allege a man has “sexually abused / enslaved / trafficked” them, or whatever lie they choose to say along those lines:




According to our investigations and sources, it is experiences like these that have now made many American citizens and Green Card holders (especially men) very cautious about bringing over foreign-born lovers, spouses, etc. into the United States. We will urge this caution on anyone in that situation (especially Nigerians who are also US Citizens or Green Card holders) who are now reading about the evil antics of Delphina Ujah and Favour Ujah.

What has also compounded this issue is that during the Visa Interviews conducted at US Embassies and Consulates for such foreign-born lovers and spouses of US Citizens in their respective countries of origin, prior to being issued such Visas, they are usually given a pamphlet (see document re-produced below) that is meant to let such persons (especially the women) be “aware of their rights” when they get to the US. Unfortunately, according to our investigations, this same pamphlet now actually serves as a “how-to-guide” for the evil plans and designs of such foreign lovers and spouses (especially women) who plan to “lose” or ditch the American citizens that sponsored them to the US on such Visas, once they do arrive in the States.  

It is believed Delphina Ujah and Favour Ujah each received a copy of this pamphlet when they had Interviews for their K1 and K2 Visas at the US Consulate in Lagos, Nigeria, in August 2019, before they subsequently departed for the US on September 26th, 2019.