Part Two of Documents Now Posted

We recently promised to post another set of documents in this ongoing saga of the evil 419 No YANSH BAD/ SWOLLEN EARS pornstar FAVOUR UJAH now criminally known as FAVOUR ONAH or FAVOUR HO-nah and her OLOSHO number one mother, THE SERIOUSLY K LEGGED DELPHINA URRAH /UJAH.  We have AGAIN delivered on that promise. Please continue to follow us on

These new documents expose the diabolical plans of the two women and their evil collaborators  to BLACKMAIL the benefactor once they got to the U.S and alleged that he started sleeping with FAVOUR UJAH when she was underage, so that he (The benefactor) would not expose the forgery that both women and FAVOUR JAHS boyfriend FAILURE LAZY YOUTH  IYABENI ONAH used to bring her to the U.S. 

As our knowledgeable sources have also revealed, the benefactor is also finalizing  plans to sue WINIFRED UJAH in Nigeria for her false and criminal allegation that it was he (the benefactor) who facilitated the forgery of her birth certificate that brought FAVOUR UJAH to the U.S. Says this source: “It is never good to be a liar but if you must lie please have some common sense. These two women and their evil collaborators in Nigeria, plan to repay the good the benefactor has always done to the women with evil, but in planning their evil, they failed to realize that they cannot also tell the world that it was the benefactor that told them to do all the evil they did to him after they got to the U.S.

These were “people “ the BENEFACTOR was always telling when they were in Nigeria to never give him any documents that contained false information just because they wanted to get to the U.S. It was these same “people” that told the benefactor when they were in Nigeria that they did not know anybody in the U.S apart from him. Then it turned out that after they got to the U.S and within only 18 days that they stayed with him since they got to the U.S they were calling more people than the benefactor himself knew in the U.S!! Did he also give them all those numbers to call? Once they reached the U.S, These people also started spending money that the benefactor never realized they had in Nigeria. Was he also the one that gave them that money? Now this same criminal and evil element are claiming the man (the benefactor) who only wanted to help them be in a place where they would have had access to good medical attention for their diabetes is also the one that thought them how to forge FAVOUR UJAHs birth certificate. How can that be? He (the benefactor) already made it clear to them in Nigeria, that he would not allow them to include any false document in whatever application he filed for them since that could affect him professionally .

Why would he want to risk his career because of two women who were not even there when he was suffering to get to the level he is now in the U.S? “

Continue to monitor this page for other documents to be posted. More soon!