This space has been in the Vanguard of ongoing efforts to expose the evil and criminal activities of NO YANSH pornstar FAVOUR UJAH of the DARKNAIJA fame (who is now known to have criminally changed her name F/B and else were to FAVOUR ONAH. But is also known to have been recently addressed as FAVIDO RAY and FAVOR RAY on F/B ). Our sources reveal that the change of name by FAVOUR ONAH is due to certain factors, the most important of which is her desperate attempts to deceive the Immigration authorities in the U.S about her real identity. Since she and her Number 1 OLOSHO (Part-time prostitute) mother DELPHINA URRAH /UJAH have been exposed on these pages as seeking to get a green card in the U.S through deceit. Our sources tell us that NO YANSH pornstar FAVOUR UJAH (now criminally known as FAVOUR ONAH) changed her last name from UJAH to ONAH mainly to deceive U.S Immigration Authorities about her identity in another desperate attempt to make herself eligible for a green card. Our investigation reveal that the so-called FAVOUR ONAH and her OLOSHO number 1 mother DELPHINA URRAH/UJAH got certain people in Nigeria to send them a fake marriage certificate showing that she was “married” to FAILURE LAZY YOUTH IYABENI ONAH (her so-called boyfriend in Nigeria and father of the children she is said to be expecting in the U.S. According to our sources, the criminal tendencies of FAVOUR UJAH now criminally known as FAVOUR ONAH know no bounds. We recently revealed on these pages how the same criminally-minded FAVOUR UJAH with the assistant of her FAILURE LAZY YOUTH boyfriend IYANBENI ONAH, forged a National Population Commission birth certificate last year (2019) to falsely claim that NO YANSH FAVOUR UJAH was only 18years old when she got into the U.S in Sept 2019, even though she revealed on her WAEC Registration materials that she was born on JAN 3, 1996. This means that her actual age when she got the K2 visa that brought her to the U.S was 23, which makes her ineligible for the Visa in the first place.Said our source (‘ This girl has to be a criminal in everything she does. She lied about her age and forged a document to criminally get a U.S visa that she did not deserve. After the same girl and her equally criminal mother got to the U.S, they decided to implicate the same man (the benefactor) that has been taking care of them since he knew them Nigeria in 2016 and later brought them to the U.S by falsely alleging that he was the one that lowered FAVOUR UJAHs age. Was he the one that went to Abuja to sign and forge the National Population Commission birth certificate that FAVOUR UJAH then used to fraudulently qualify herself for a K2 visa? Then this same stupid FAVOUR UJAH got to the U.S and started paying her fellow student in the Dept of Chemistry at Uniabuja to falsely mark her present for her classes in Uniabuja even though she was already in the U.S. the same person who arranged the forging of her birth certificate in Nigeria (FAILURE LAZY YOUTH boyfriend IYABENI ONAH) is also the same criminal element that FAVOUR UJAH has been using to mark herself present for classes she is not attending at Uniabuja. Now the same criminals (NO YANSH PORNSTAR FAVOUR UJAH, her number 1 OLOSHO mother DELPHINA URRAH / UJAH and her FAILURE LAZY YOUTH boyfriend IYABENI ONAH) have now decided to make FAVOUR UJAH a ‘married woman’ by forging a marriage certificate from Nigeria. The problem is that these people are very stupid. How can you call yourself a married woman n all of a sudden in America when the K2 Visa that you fraudulently got in Sept 2019 last year required that you had to be a child under 21 which means an unmarried person? If you are now married, how did you get married since your so-called husband has remained in Nigeria since Sept 2019 that you came to the U.S. That was why they needed the fake marriage certificate from Nigeria”. Also according to our sources familiar with the U.S immigration law, given the nature of the Visa, NO YANSH pornstar FAVOUR UJAH of the DARKNAIJA fame fraudulently used to get a green card by claiming to be married to anybody especially a false marriage to her so-called husband FAILURE LAZY YOUTH IYABENI ONAH.More to come especially on an expose on the ignorant NGOs and Individuals NO YANSH FAVOUR UJAH and her number 1 OLOSHO MOTHER DELPHINA URRAH / UJAH have been deceiving in the U.S in their fraudulent bid to get a green card. Stay Tuned!!!!