As the many loyal followers of this page must have noted, the evil of the UJJAHs apparently knows no bounds. Our investigations  reveal a new aspect to the evil. A few weeks ago in the United States, the same 2 women (pornstar FAVOR UJAH and her OLOSHO number 1 mother DELPHINA URRAH) who came into the U.S only in Sept 2019 were in court in Dec of the same year to tell lies against the benefactor. This is/was designed to get the women green cards at all cost and to “prove” the lies the women were trying to tell that they were trafficked into the U.S.Our investigations reveal part of the terrible lies the women revealed was that the benefactor did not allow them to go to church since they came to the U.S. This was obviously calculated to capitalize on the fact that they are Christians and the benefactor who brought them to the U.S is a Muslim. Unkown to both evil wome however (and they actually knew but and/were to evil to care) the benefactor is as comfortable being a Muslim as he is a Christan. We learn he actually knows more about Christianity than same evil women who claim he did not allow them to go to Church in the U.S. Our sources also reveal, that these UJAH women are evil re-incarnate. The man brought you to the U.S on SEPT 27TH 2019, on Oct 10th you ran to Atlanta by bus without his permission. Then after you begged him, the poor man (the benefactor) then sent flight tickets to you in Atlanta to return to were he iss in the U.S which is 1,000 miles from were these evil women were in Atlanta. That was in Oct 24th 2019. Then 3 days later on Oct 27th, the man was forced to call the police to his own home due to another evil  the 2 UJAH women did to him on that day, which was actually the mans (benefactor) birthday.The man has not seen the UJAHs since that day. Apperantly the UJAHs had been deceiving the man that they  did not know anybody in the U.S. so if these two evil women only stayed with the man for 18days in the U.S,what time did they give him or themselves to find a church and especially since the man did not go to church himself being a Muslim  even though he is very comfortable around Christians himself considering his knowledge of the holy bible and ChristianityOur investigations further reveal that another lie the 2 evil women have been tellinh to het a green card by filing (Human trafficking victim application) in the U.S is to lie that when they with the man, they never interacted with anbody else apart from him, but our sources reveal that this was the same man that flew the women from Nigeria into Virgina/Washington D.C / Maryland because he was there on Business when they arrived the U.S: then after 10days, with all three of thme staying in a Luxury hotel in that area, he flew them to his home base in the U.S which is about 1,000 miles from the Virgina/Washington D.C /Maryland area. During their time in the U.S , when they first got to the Virginia/Washington D.C/Maryland area,this man drove them around the area showing them places they had only dreamt about like the white house etc. Pornstar FAVOR UJAH  even met with many of the benefactors clients withing that short period (same thing with her OLOSHO number 1 mother DELPHINA URRAH even though her movement was imoaired by her bad legs). Then after flying to the the mans homebase, they also met with the mans friends and his children with his former former wife in the U.S .  All these within the 18days that they were with the benefactor Since they got to the U.S. Infact our sources say 90% of people born in the U.S and who are adults now have never had this type of wonderful experience in terms of state visited in the U.S and “enjoyment unlimited” that these apparently evil women had during the 18days they stayed in the U.S before their evil overtook them.It is clear that dispite the loss in the  U.S against telling lies to get a green card, the desperate UJAH women , pornstar FAVOR UJAH and her OLOSHO number 1 mother DELPHINA URRAH will not stop telling lies in their desperation to get a green card no matter what.
Our investigations continues and more revelations later in the week.