In this season of the corona virus, we have decided to take what will hopefully be a very brief break from our task of exposing the evil, incomprehensible, and UNGRATEFUL antics of 419 NO YANSH, BAD/ SWOLLEN EARS, pornstar FAVOR UJAH (also criminally known as FAVOUR UJAH AND FAVOUR HO-nah on f/b) , her OLOSHO number 1 mother DELPHINA URRAH/UJAH and so called husband/boyfriend FAILURE LAZY YOUTH IYABENI ONAH. We have also exposed the evil and irresponsible guts of WINIFRED UJAH one of the daughters of the OLOSHO mother DELPHINA URRAH/UJAH. Our next exposé, based on our ongoing investigations, will reveal what the already rattled WINIFRED UJAH has been doing and saying to escape from the hole she dug for herself. We will also reveal what our sources in Nigeria and the U.S have told us about the continued desperate attempts of the two UJAH women in the U.S to get a green card by telling lies to destroy the benefactor who took pity on their serious medical conditions and brought them to the U.S in Sept 2019, even though many of his friends and family members told him not to do so.  We will also report the results of our investigations that reveal that despite their evil attempts, the UNGRATEFUL UJAH women will fail in their efforts. 
Stay tuned! Continue to monitor this page.