As we previously revealed in this space, following our investigations, Olosho number  1, DELPHINA URRAH sent naked pictures of herself to the phone of her daughter, Pornstar FAVOR UJAH who would then email those pictures to the benefactor. There was no doubt that many of those same pictures of her OLOSHO mother  DELPHINA URRAH were taken by the porn star daughter  FAVOR UJAH. And as our investigations also revealed, this same evil women are now trying to get a green card in the U.S claiming that the benefactor who only took pity on them because of the serious nature of their diabetes illness, “trafficked “ them to the U.S.  Sources tell us that the women’s attempt to get a green card through this route of lies and obvious deception will definitely lead to spectacular failure for them along with a possible trial and prison terms in the U.S.  In the specific case of OLOSHO number 1, DELPHINA URRAH, our investigations reveal she is only lying when she says contrary to overwhelming evidence, that she did not know her daughter pornstar FAVOR UJAH was having a long time consensual sexual relationship with the benefactor just as she (DELPHINA URRAH) was having one at the same time.Apart from numerous nude pictures of herself which the OLOSHO number 1 mother DELPHINA URRAH sent via her porn star daughter FAVOR URAH to email the benefactor.  There are also some pictures that show both women together with the benefactor in Nigeria and nobody who sees those pictures would say that OLOSHO number 1 DELPHINA URRAH did not know porn star FAVOR UJAH was in a consensual sexual relationship with the benefactor and she DELPHINA knew about it.In fact one of the pictures taken last year when the benefactor flew both women from Abuja to Lagos for their immigrant visa interview shows one of porn star FAVOR UJAH female friends from UNIABUJA that also joined the women for that trip.More revelations in the following days as our investigations continue, especially the latest attempt by the women to possibly use another route (asylum) to lie their way to a U.S green card.