We mentioned in our most recent posting (published on April 3rd 2020) that we would soon be posting documents about this sad saga of the UNGRATEFUL 419 NO YANSH  BAD/ SWOLLEN EARS pornstar FAVOR UJAH (also criminal known as FAVOUR UJAH AND FAVOUR HO-na on f/b) , and her SERIOUSLY K LEGGED MOTHER the OLOSHO/Part-Tim prostitute  mother DELPHINA URRAH /UJAH. The link to those documents and other information regarding these two evil women along with their other enablers like the so-called husband / Boyfriend of FAVOUR UJAH, FAILURE LAZY YOUTH IYABENI ONAH , and her sisters GERALDINE UJAH AGBAI and WINIFRED UJAH would be included in our next posting.  In the mean time, followers of this space will recall that WINIFRED UJAH the very evil conniving and UNGRATEFUL elder sibling /sister of 419 NO YANSH  BAD/ SWOLLEN EARS pornstar FAVOR UJAH (also criminal known as FAVOUR UJAH AND FAVOUR HO-na on f/b) , was arrested by the Nigeria police late last year for claiming that it was the benefactor that made it possible for the 419 NO YANSH pornstar FAVOUR UJAH through her mother to forge her way into the U.S. After the benefactor took action and Winifred was picked up by the police, she could not prove her allegation that bordered on Criminal Defamation .Our investigations reveal that When the benefactor was in Abuja again in February this year (2020) to meet with the police with regards to his earlier complaints against WINIFRED UJAH, he made it known that he not only planned to sue WINIFRED UJAH in the very near future (since he is still gathering all informations) , he would ensure the police eventually brought charges against WINIFRED UJAH for Criminal Defamation and being an accessory to forgery , since she (WINIFRED UJAH) had already confessed in a written email message that she knew her sister committed forgery with her age to get to the U.S copies of the Nigerian National Population Commission birth certificate for 419 NO YANSH FAVOUR UJAH and her WAEC examination documents which have different dates of birth for her will soon be posted on the link referenced above. Our sources in Abuja have revealed that even though WINIFRED UJAH was very traumatized by the fact that the police in Nigeria could pick her up for her crimes, and has been lamenting that future events from it could prevent her from getting a visa to work as a nurse in the U.S, she has also been boasting to others in public that nothing would happen to her. Our sources further say, she claims this is because her grand parents (Both parents of her mother the OLOSHO part time prostitute DELPHINA URRAH/UJAH) used to work as officers in the Nigerian Prison Services (now Nigerian Correctional Service), which means she also has connections within the Nigerian Security Service.
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