In our most recent posting (March 18th 2020) we revealed how the 419 NO YANSH BAD EARS pornstar FAVOUR UJAH (now criminally known on F/B as FAVOUR ONAH  or FAVOUR HO –nah) got to the U.S through a birth certificate that she forged in Nigeria. We also revealed how she was assisted in this criminal act by her so called husband/boyfriend FAILURE LAZY YOUTH IYABENI ONAH and her mother the number 1 OLOSHO part-time prostitute DELPHINA URRAH/UJAH. Later, after the two UJAH women reached the U.S in September 2019, they thought they had gotten away with their criminal act and behaved as arrogantly as “successful criminals “in similar situations behave. In Nov 2019, WINIFRED UJAH, another daughter of the number OLOSHO mother DEPHINA URRAH/UJAH had the evil guts to send an email to the benefactor (who had taken pity on the mother and sister and brought them to the U.S primarily because of their serious diabetes conditions) accusing him of being the “brains”  behind the forgery.  The stupid WINIFRED UJAH also directly confessed in the same email that she knew her sisters’ age had been falsified so that she could get a U.S K2 visa. This was achieved through forging a Nigerian National Population Commission birth certicated. After this accusation made by the very TALL, FAT and very UGLY (like her mother and sister) WINIFRED UJAH was made, the benefactor quickly contacted the police authorities in Nigeria (Abuja). The police subsequently arrested and questioned WINIFRED UJAH. Our investigations further reveal, that WINIFRED UJAH, who arrogantly believed her mother and sister had gotten away with their crimes simply because they were no longer in Nigeria, could hardly substantiate her allegations against the benefactor.According to our sources, WINIFRED UJAH told friends at the School of Nursing Gwagwalada were she just graduated after completing a course and the Garki general hospital where she is said to be working. That she now fears that the entire episode would cost her her chances of getting a visa to work as a nurse in the U.S which she has been dreaming of since she was a little girl. Our investigations in Abuja have further revealed, that the benefactor is aiming to have the police in Nigeria, charge WINIFRED UJAH with Criminal Defamation and being an Accessory to Forgery, since she made an allegation that she emailed to others that was calculated to damage the reputation and business of someone else. She also confessed to knowing about an act of forgery without telling the police. Worse, our investigations reveal, she was part of the evil plan her sister 419 NO YANSH BAD EARS her OLSOHO along with her sister’s boyfriend had to BLACMAIL the benefactor once the 2 UJAH women got to the U.S.. This would work through the UJAH women and FAILURE  falsely accusing the benefactor (in both the U.S and also Nigeria) of meeting and sleeping with FAVOUR UJAH while she was underage in a bid to ensure the benefactor did not reveal their forgery once he found out. Efforts are also underway to ensure the Nigeria Police declares through INTERPOL DELPHINA URRAH/UJAH wanted for the act of forgery she committed in Nigeria since she was the one that signed and put her name on the falsified birth certificate that brought her daughter 419 to the U.S.  According to one of our sources: “These evil UJAH women and their backers did not have any respect for the process in Nigeria talks less of in the U.S. They thought they could game the process in Nigeria by blatantly forging a birth certificate to get a U.S visa; they obviously have no respect for the system or process in Nigeria.  WINIFED UJAH was shocked when the police in Nigeria came after her over the forged birth certificate because people like her think that there is no system or process in Nigeria.  These same area girls (the UJAHs) abused the U.S process by falsifying a Nigerian birth certificate to get a U.S K2 visa. After they got to the U.S they are now trying to BLACKMAIL a U.S citizen (the benefactor) in other to hide their crimes. Then the same evil brainless women now say they are trusting the process in the U.S to reward their crimes and evil with Green Cards. We Shall SEE”
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