The revelations about pornstar FAVOR UJAH and her OLOSHO number 1 mother DELPHINA URAH just keep coming. Our Investigations have revealed another disturbing fact about the women which will soon come to the attention of the U.S authorities that both women are now telling lies to get a green card: There appears to be a 419 link to the present shenanigans of the apparently shameless UJJAH women in the U.S. According to our sources, since 2016 when the benefactor first got to know the UJJAHs, they were always asking him for money. These sorces say the benefactor usually sends money separately to both women at least twice a month anytime he was in the U.S before coming to Nigeria especially FAVOR UJAH . This continued even upto a few days before the benefactor flew borth women to the U.S on immigration visa in Sept 2019. But, according to out sources, barely two weeks after both women joined the benefactor in the U.S, they were suddenly able to do and afford things in the U.S that people who were always asking for money from the benefactor in Nigeria should not have been able to afford. Our sources say the benefactor immediately started to suspect what was going on. He realized that apart from a possible supernatural / juju influence on the women especially pornstar FAVOR UJJAH (the Iyabeni angle) he also suspected that one of the in-laws of OLOSHO number 1 mother DELPHINA URRAH (the guy is married to one of DELPHINA URRAH’s younger sister) could also be using the women. According to our sources, sometime in 2018, OLOSHO number 1 DELPHINA URRAH told the benefactor that she suspected the in-law was into 419 business and that he never helped anybody in their family. The benefactor according to our sources now realized that ‘the sudden money” the women started spending after they got to the U.S especially when they no longer cared to show anymore respect to the benefactor as they have been doing in Nigeria, could be linked to the efforts of the 419 relative of OLOSHO number 1 DELPHINA URRAH to use the women as sources of information and human activity ( B.E.C) there in the U.S .Everyone should remember the saga of the Nigerian (Obinwanne Okeke) who was recently arrested in the U.S for that kind of fraud. Those involved in such criminal activities usually needs people in the U.S to open bank accounts for them.According to our sources, the benefactor found it strange that just within two weeks ater he brought the two women to the U.S, the women that usually respected him in Nigeria became unruly towards him and were acting as if they didn’t care if he kicked them out of his resident even though they had to still apply for a greencard through him, apperantly according to our sources, it would have been difficult for anybody to use the women for 419 purposes in the U.S when the person they were living with is a lawyer in the same U.S. The sources also revealed that even though the women told the benefactor they didn’t know anybody in the U.S while they were in Nigeria, they started making calls to various numbers in the U.S once they got into the country. Our sources reveal both women also left the benefactor resident for Atlanta Georgia , about a distance of 1,000 miles away without the permission of the benefactor while telling him they were going to visit  “friends”. This was about only 2 weeks after pornstar FAVOR UJAH and OLOSHO number 1 mother DELPHINA UJJAH were brought to the U.S by the benefactor.
More details later.