Hold on ooo, is this not the same favidoray that’s trending on leaknaija With your boobs and pkekus on display ? Wow! So you and your wowo b/f  iyabeni onah can still show your face ..And you dey uniabuja? Ah I must investigate this ooo. I kuku have many friends and contacts there.  Sad oo.[4/11, 9:56 AM] The Other: February 3rd 2020
This story of the greed, selfishness and evil displayed by pornstar FAVOR UJAH and her Olosho number 1 mother DELPHINA URRAH will surely shock all Nigerians . It won’t stay on F/B alone but will go National very soon.  It will be worse that the story of Favour Daley-Oladele who we all already know about.In this case, 2 evil and ungrateful women who did not spend a kobo before their benefactor took them to the U.S, are now trying to destroying and dis-member that same person after he did what even members of her their own family could never do for them.Anyway, we shouldn’t be surprised. Disloyalty and evil runs in the blodd of the UJAHS (see our previous postings).Henceforth, we won’t be posting daily about the Evil Pornstar FAVOR UJAH and her Olosho number 1 mother DELPHINA URRAH. But our investigations certainly continues. .
We know our report have already rattled them (Pornstar FAVOR UJAH is now pretending to love Yorubas while appearing religious) But we will not relent until these two evil women STOP trying to repay good with evil as we earlier reported , after they threw the greencard they would have received threw the immigration Visa the benefactor used to bring them to the U.S, these two shameless women are now trying to get another greencard by lying to the UmS Govt that the benefactor “trafficked” them to the U.S . Wow ! Why would somebody that has known these 2 women since 2016, has been taken care of their bills in Nigeria and used his money to process their travelling simply because he pitied themsue to their diabetic condition suddenly become a “trafficker” . The benefactor said he would no longer sponsor their greencard because pornstar FAVOR UJAH (due to the juju IYABENI ONAH used on her) started disrespecting the guy in a very serious way. Which was. Something she never did before she came to the U.S in Sept 2019. To add insult to injury the Olosho number 1 mother DELPHINA URRAH (also under the influence of IYABENI ONAH’s juju) supported her pornstar daughter against the man who did what members of her own family cannot do for them. Please let people tell these 2 evil women that lying on an application to get a greencard in the U.S will only result in jail.
Once again, our investigation continues and we shall update you soon on the two evil desperados (Pornstar FAVOR UJAH who still claims to be a student of Uniabuja and still pays people to attend classes for her ) and Olosho number 1 mother DELPHINA URRAH (who our investigations reveals is also a Lesbian)
More soon!