We promised our investigations will continue. They reveal the evil, deceptive and manipulative nature of pornstar FAVOR UJAH (of the darknaija porn fame) and her OLOSHO number 1 mother DELPHINA URRAH and the rest of that pitiful family.  Our investigations have noticed that these two women who everybody ow knows reside in the U.S have refused to update their F/B status because they are engaged in a lot of deceptive activities. Our sources also reveal they have apperantly now realized that the game is up and that the lies they have been telling to get a greencard through deception will only end in their been thrown out of the U.S after they go to prison.Our investigations have also revealed this: The benefactor who took both women to the U.S in Sept 2019, first met Porn star FAVOR UJAH in early 2016 when she was 20years old.  Days later after he first slept with her in his luxury hotel suite, he suddenly got a call from the OLOSHO number 1 mother DELPHINA URRAH who also introduced herself and said she wanted to meet the benefactor. Within two hours of meeting , DELPHINA URRAH literary forced the benefactor to sleep with her. That was how the benefactor started a sexual relationship with both women, which they both knew bout. The relationship continued even when he was not in Nigeria (video sex) but according to our sources, the benefactor did not really enjoy the sex between them  and he knew they were only desperate for money. Being a kind hearted person, the benefactor decided to help both women as they told him and he also confirmed that they have diabetes just like he does. According to the sources, the benefactor believed he was better off leaving the women in Nigeria if it was just sex that he needed from them after all he could get and was getting same thing from thousands of women in the U.S  (our sources say the benefactor separated from his wife in the U.S in 2015 and their divorce became final in 2017). Anytime he was in Nigeria, he noticed that DELPHINA URRAH ‘s diabeties was becoming more serious. By the time he flew both women to the U.S in Sept 2019 (with the women not contributing a kobo and the benefactor sending / giving them money nearly everyweek since 2016) DELPHINA URRAH had nearly lost her right leg to diabetes. She naturally has large feet, but one of her legs had swollen to 4 times its size and she could not get any show to buy in Nigeria to fit her feet. She had stated walking slowly due to this effect. Also according to our sources, as for FAVOR UJAH, due to the poor control of her diabetes in Nigeria, developed  to a condition were both ears were swollen to 3 times their sizes. Our sources tell us that in most of her recent pictures, she is always shown wearing wigs to cover her ears to hide that condition. Our sources further tell us that the benefactor is very disappointed that two ungrateful, sick women that he brought to the U.S solely out of pity because of their grave diabetic medical condition and who chased him down in Nigeria for money as the OLOSHOS that they are, are now in the U.S  trying to get a green card by claiming he trafficked them to the U.S and that he wanted to have 3way sex with mother and daughter. The same mother and daughter that were begging him to have sex with them in Nigeria since 2016 and which he did our sources reveal infact when both women were in Nigeria.The OLOSHO number 1 mother DELPHINA URRAH would send naked pictures of herself through her porn star daughter FAVOR UJAH’ phone, who in turn would now email the pictures to the benefactor.
Continue to watch this space as our investigations about the evil antics of porn star FAVOR UJAH and her OLOSHO number 1 mother DELHINA URRAH  to get a greencard in the U.S continues. And once again, this revelation would not end on facebook.