The UNGRATEFUL number 1 OLOSHO DELPHINA URRAH / UJAH according to our sources actually has a link to the late Chief MKO Abiola however farfetched. The sources say that the late husband of the OLOSHO number 1 DELPHINA URRAH/UJAH was an Idoma born medical doctor from Benue State who lived for a time in the Ilesha area of Osun State many years ago. There he met a Yoruba woman who he married and who had at least a son for him. Then a few years later after their marriage, the woman abandoned the medical doctor and started having an affair with the traditional head of the Town (Ilesha). For those old enough to remember, it was the same woman that the late Chief MKO Abiola was later accused of snatching from the traditional ruler. It was many years after this sad episode that the medical doctor married the OLOSHO number 1 DELPHINA URRAH / UJAH when he was in his late 30s and she was just 18years old. The medical doctor later died in 2000 at age 50 while the OLOSHO number 1 DELPHINA URRAH/UJAH was just 28years old. According to our sources, after the benefactor first met the OLOSHO number 1 DELPHINA URRAH/UJAH, she would tell him that why she still spoke to her husband’s former wife(the woman late Chief MKO Abiola was accused of snatching from a traditional ruler) she would also say that she hated the woman because even though she also had children for her late husband and she was also rich, she (the woman) never helped her (DELPHINA) and her children. Maybe, just maybe , that woman already realized how UNGRATEFUL the OLOSHO number 1 DELPHINA URRAH / UJAH could be: or how else can one explain how she has been treating the benefactor who pitied her and her NO YANSH pornstar daughter FAVOR UJAH (also known on F/B as FAVIDO RAY/ FAVOUR RAY and FAVOUR UJAH) and took them to the U.S  just so he could rescue them from their serious medical condition and the lifestyle of part-time OLOSHO (Prostitutes)  that they were living in Abuja before he met them. Our investigations also uncovered another example of the sick nature of the OLOSHO number 1 mother DELPHINA URRAH / UJAH: sometime in 2018 when she was with the benefactor in his luxury hotel suite in Abuja (in a hotel located behind leadership newspaper in Utako) the woman had a small cut with a razor on her finger. More than 30 minutes later she was still seriously bleeding and this was just a small cut. Alarmed by this time and even though it was close to 11 at night, the benefactor quickly looked for a Hospital around the area and rushed the woman there for treatment. According to our sources “any other man in this mans (benefactor) situation would have dumped the woman right there and then. That extended bleeding was a symptom of a serious medical problem. But instead of doing that, this man continued to pity this woman and intensified his efforts to bring her and her equally diabetic daughter to the U.S. Now these 2 UNGRATEFUL women have turned the same man into a human trafficker in the U.S and are lying against him there and in Nigeria every day in their continuous efforts to destroy him”.
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