It is now apparent, according to our investigations that porn star FAVOR UJAH of the DARKNIGHT infamy (also known on F/B as FAVIDO RAY and FAVOUR RAY) and her OLOSHO number 1 mother DELPHINA UJAH/URRAH) are getting desperate as their lies to get a green card have been revealed. Our sources say that despite the assurances they have been given by those in Nigeria and the U.S. who have been deceiving them that they would get a green card by lying against the benefactor (who took pity on them because of their diabetes and gave them the chance of a lifetime). Both evil women are not sure they would eventually get the green card. Our investigations have revealed both women are right to believe that their dreams of getting a green card in such an evil manner will end in nightmares for them and their deceptive supporters. These sources have told us that the benefactor has vowed he would do anything to ensure these two ungrateful evil women and members of their family (including their so-called F/B friends who think they can get favors from them now that they are in the U.S and IYABENI ONAH, the boyfriend who used juju on porn star FAVOR UJAH because he also wants to be in the U.S) are all disappointed. Our sources further reveal that the women listen to bad advice from deceptive people who gave them the impression that once you are a woman and in the U.S you will get a green card by lying against the person who brought you to the U.S especially by claiming that he was a man who trafficked you to the U.S for sexual and other reasons.Our investigations have also shown that usually when such lies are told, most of the people being lied against don’t fight it because they are not aware such lies are being told against them. Unfortunately for the two evil UJAH women (SWOLLEN FEET DELPHINA URRA and BAD EARS FAVOR UJAH.), the benefactor is aware of the lies that the women are planning to tell to get a green card. We have also learned that the benefactor is not only determined to expose those lies to the appropriate authorities in the U.S, he is also determined to ensure that the women suffer the serious criminal penalties that are imposed on persons who tell such lies to get a green card. Those penalties include a prison term of 4 to 10 years and a 250,000dollars fine. In addition to removal from the U.S after the evil women must have served their terms in prison. As our investigations have previously revealed, porn star (aka FAVIDO RAY and FAVOUR RAY on F/B) had also been involved in criminal activities since she came to the U.S. Followers of this page will remember our revelation that porn star FAVOR UJAH has been paying people to attend classes for her in the DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY at UNIVERSITY OF ABUJA even though she left the country since SEPT 2019. Our investigations also show that the downfall of the 2 UJAH women will be due to 2 things:1. The bad advice and encouragement they continue to get from evil people like them in the U.S and Nigeria who tell them their current path of destruction is what they should continue to follow that is, to destroy an innocent person who gave them the chance of a lifetime all in the name of getting a green card by deceit .2. Another factor is the empty arrogance and evil the UJAHS brought to the U.S and which they hid from the benefactor while they were in Nigeria.Our investigations reveal that this empty arrogance of the UJAHs is what has prevented them from doing exactly the right thing they know they have to do to get the green card they are so desperate to get. Instead, our sources reveal they continue to allow themselves to be deceived by certain NGOs in the U.S who are using both women to generate funds from their donors while lying to them that they can use deception to get a green card.Our investigations continue.Stay tuned!!!