For the past few weeks, we have revealed how 2 UNGRATEFUL women, NO YANSH pornstar favor ujah (Also known on F/B as FAVIDO RAY, FAVOUR RAY and FAVOUR UJAH) and her number 1 OLOSHO (Part – time Prostitute) mother DELPHINA URRAH / UJAH have literally terrorized the benefactor who gave them a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve their lives and also overcome their serious medical conditions. Through those reports we have learnt how the two evil women have transformed the benefactor who is also an attorney in the U.S into a “HUMAN TRAFFICKER”, just so they can get green cards in the U.S that they know they don’t deserve. Shockingly our sources recently told us that the evil of these women practically knows no bounds. These sources say that the 2 evil women, NO YANSH porn star FAVOUR UJAH and her number OLOSHO mother DELPHINA URRAH / UJAH actually began their plan to destroy the benefactor in the U.S even while they were still in Nigeria and the benefactor was paying their bills here in Nigeria including sending them money for their diabetes medications (our investigations have actually uncovered text messages from August 2019 were the evil NO YANSH pornstar FAVOUR UJAH thanked the benefactor profusely for sending her money while also saying that she didn’t know how she could have survived in Nigeria without the benefactor helping her). It is simply mind boggling as our investigations have revealed that even at the same time she sent such text messages to the benefactor, she was also busy planning with her mother DELPHINA URRAH/UJAH to destroy the benefactor by lying to the benefactor and forging her birth certificate so that she could qualify for the K2 visa that actually brought her to the U.S. our sources tell us that even though the benefactor warned both women that they had to give him authentic documents that reflected their real ages, NO YANSH pornstar FAVOR UJAH in her desperation to get to the U.S (apparently under the influence of her boyfriend FAILURE LAZY YOUTH IYABEBI ONAH who is known to be desperate to also get to the U.S)lied to the benefactor and also colluded with her mother to forge a Nigerian National Population Commission birth certificate that declared FAVOUR UJAH to be younger than the age she actually was. Without such a forged document, NO YANSH pornstar FAVOUR UJAH would not have qualified for the K2 visa that she eventually used to fraudulently smuggle herself into the U.S. Furthermore, our sources revealed that both evil women (NO YANSH pornstar FAVOR UJAH and her number 1 OLOSHO mother DELPHINA URRAH / UJAH) committed the act of forgery in the hope that even if the benefactor learnt about it, they would be able to blackmail him with certain information that could make it impossible for him (the benefactor) to expose the forgery they had engaged in. our investigations reveal that was why the women suddenly changed towards the benefactor within only a few days of getting to the U.S  and started disrespecting him which was something they never did for the nearly 4 years he knew the women while they were in Nigeria. Said one of our sources: ‘These evil women and their collaborators in Nigeria and the U.S really underestimated the man (the benefactor) they thought that since the girls’ age had been artificially lowered by the fraudulent birth certificate they got in Nigeria which allowed the girl (NO YANSH FAVOUR UJAH) to smuggle herself into the U.S, then the benefactor would be scared that they could tell people he started having relations with the girl in Nigeria when she was underage, which of course is false. What they did not realize was that the benefactor would use his sources in Nigeria to obtain the girls’ authentic documents that showed her real age proving that she was actually 20years old when the benefactor first met her in February 2016. This was the age the girl (NO YANSH pornstar FAVOUR UJAH) also told the benefactor that she was when he asked her after they first met. It was later that under the influence of her boyfriend (FAILURE LAZY YOUTH IYABENI ONAH) the girl convinced her mother to lie to the benefactor that her real age was lower so that she could qualify for that U.S Immigrant Visa. Now their evil plans have blown up in their faces’.More revelations soon!!! Stay tuned!!!