The dirt our investigations continue to m in the sad case of NO YANSH porn star FAVOR UJAH of the DARKNAIJA website infamy (also known on FB as FAVIDORAY/FAVOR RAY and FAVOUR UJAH) and her OLOSHO number one mother DELPHINA URAH / UJAH keeps growing by the day, in our previous posting , we mentioned the plan by this 2 evil women to possibly file for asylum in the U.S as “PLAN B” for their now exposed plan to file a T visa application (Human Trafficking Visa) in their desperate bid to get a green card application in the U.S but the asylum application they intend to file is a scam and an attempt to deceive U.S Immigration officials. Our sources there in the U.S reveal that the 2 women plan to claim as part of their asylum application, that they are lesbians in Nigeria even though our sources also reveal that NO YANSH porn star FAVOR UJAH once wrote a message to the benefactor while in Nigeria denying that she was a lesbian and saying she could never be a lesbian. On her own part, the OLOSHO number 1 mother DELPHINA URRAH / UJAH was known to sleep with women while she was in Nigeria, a fact she also confessed to the benefactor. Our sources tell us before the benefactor brought both women to the U.S In 2019. The OLOSHO number 1 mother DELPHINA URRAH / UJAH usually arrange 3threesomes with other women for the benefactor anytime he was in Abuja. But what our sources further reveal, and which is very disturbing is that the OLOSHO number 1 mother DELPHINA URRAH / UJAH is no ordinary lesbian we have learnt that she is into lesbianism for evil / spiritual purposes; that is to steal the destiny of the women she is involved with in that kind of sexual relationship. Everybody knows that most of the people involved in Homosexual activities in Nigeria do so for one evil spiritual reason or the other. That explains why the practice is not condoned or accepted by majority of Nigerians. This means that OLOSHO number 1 mother using Homosexuality as a basis to apply for asylum is like a ritualist who kidnaps children for evil purposes and says he/she also needs protection just like the protection asylum status gives. It is apparent that our determination to uncover the evil deceptive activities of NO YANSH porn star FAVOR UJAH and her OLOSHO number 1 mother will continue even for many weeks and months until these evil apologies for human beings are completely exposed and their evil plans destroyed. Stay tuned for even more explosive revelations in the coming days.